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A disc type mower is operated by PTO with 6 discs with a shaft of 0.4 m/disc. The specific energy required for cutting is 2.1 KJ/m^2 and specific power losses due to air come stubble and gear train friction is 2 kw/m of cutting width. If the mower with tractor requires a propelling force of 2 KN the total power requirement for carrying out moving in Kw at forward speed of 3 km/h is ____

(a) 10.67

(b) 20.67

(c) 30.67

(d) 40.67

I have been asked this question during an internship interview.

My doubt is from Harvesting Equipments topic in section Harvesting Equipments of Farm Machinery

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Correct option is (a) 10.67

Explanation: Pcutting = 2.1*2.4*\(\frac{3*1000}{3600}\) = 4.2 KW

Ppropelling = \(\frac{2*1000*3*1000}{3600}\) = 1.67 KW

Ptotal = 4.8+4.2+1.67 = 10.67 KW.

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