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A 4*100 cm seed drill is to be operated at a forward speed of 3.6 km/h. The diameter of the ground wheel is 50 cm. a cup type metering mechanism with 10 cells on its periphery is used for dropping one seed in a hill. Power transmitted from the ground wheel shaft to the metering shaft with the help of chain and sprocket arrangement. If the desired plant population is 6000 per hectare and average emergence is 75% speed ratio between ground wheel shaft and metering shaft will be ____________

(a) 1.98

(b) 2.68

(c) 7.96

(d) 10.64

The question was asked in my homework.

My question is taken from Sowing Equipments topic in division Sowing Equipments of Farm Machinery

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The correct answer is (a) 1.98

To explain: Total seed required = 6000/0.75 = 8000 seed/ha

Total length = \(\frac{10000}{[\frac{4*100}{100}]}\) = 2500 m

Seed to seed spacing = 2500/8000 = 5/16 m

Seed spacing \(\frac{πDn}{x} \)

\(\frac{5}{16} = \frac{π*0.5*n}{10} \)

N = 1.98.

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