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Calculate the seed rate per hectare of 8*16 cm seed drills, whose main drive wheel has 215 m diameter and total weight of grain collected in 20 revolutions in 42 kg.

(a) 7128 kg

(b) 6300 kg

(c) 5000 kg

(d) 4175 kg

This question was addressed to me in a job interview.

My enquiry is from Sowing Equipments topic in division Sowing Equipments of Farm Machinery

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Correct answer is (d) 4175 kg

To explain I would say: Circumference of main drive wheel = π * 1.25 = 3.93 m

Area covered per revolution per hectare = 3.93 * 1.28 = 5.03 m^2

Number of revolutions per hectare = \(\frac{10000}{5.03}\) = 1988.07

Seed per hectare = \(\frac{1988.07}{20}\)*42 = 4175 kg.

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