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A 2-wheel drive 35hp tractor has 1.5 rear wheel diameter. The engine runs at 1200 rev/min. the total reduction of speed is 30:1. Find the travelling speed of the tractor in km/h and the tractive force at each driving wheel.

(a) 3.9925 KN

(b) 2.1992 KN

(c) 1.6784 KN

(d) 4.1977 KN

The question was posed to me during an online exam.

Enquiry is from Numerical Problems on Calculation of Different Tractor Parameters in division Lubrication System and Tractor’s Classification of Farm Machinery

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Right answer is (d) 4.1977 KN

To elaborate: Va = \(\frac{2πN*Dr*60}{2*30*1000}=\frac{2\pi*1.5*60*1200}{2*30*1000}\)=11.304

Va = 3.11 m/s

P = F * v

F = \(\frac{P}{v}=\frac{35*746}{3.11}\)=8.3955 KN

Therefore, force on each wheel = \(\frac{8.3955}{2}\)=4.1977.

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