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A single plate clutch with both sides effective, has an outer diameter of 30 cm and inner diameter of 20 cm. the maximum intensity of pressure at any point in the contact surface is not exceed 1 kg/cm^2. If the co-efficient of friction is 0.3, determine the horse power transmitted by a clutch speed of 2000 rev/min.

(a) 65.73 HP

(b) 98.75 HP

(c) 45.29 HP

(d) 51.17 HP

The question was posed to me in exam.

This question is from Farm Tractor topic in chapter Farm Tractor of Farm Machinery

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Right choice is (a) 65.73 HP

To elaborate: T= n*μ*W*rm

W = 2πC(r0-ri)

pmax.ri = C

Combining the above equations

T = nμ2π pmax. ri(r0-ri) rm

T = 2*0.3*2π*1*10(15-10) *12.5

T = 2355 kg cm = 23.55 kg m

P = \(\frac{2πNT}{4500}=\frac{2π*23.55*2200}{4500}\) = 65.73 HP

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