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The simultaneous linear equations used in FEM for solution of static problems are KX=F, the methods available for solving these equations are divided into two types: direct and iterative.

(a) True

(b) False

This question was addressed to me in exam.

My query is from Eigen Value and Time Dependent Problems in portion Single Variable Problems of Finite Element Method

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Correct option is (a) True

The explanation is: When FEM is used for solution of static problems, we deal with a set of simultaneous Linear Equations of the form KX=F, where K is stiffness Matrix, X is displacement matrix and F is load vector. The order of matrix K is very large and the methods available for solving the equation are divided into two types: direct and iterative. Direct methods are used for equations without any round of error and iterative methods are used for the equations which start with an initial approximation.

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