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In Finite Element Method (FEM), for discretization purpose in general, a refined mesh is employed in areas where changes in geometry, boundary conditions, loading, material properties or solution are present.

(a) True

(b) False

This question was addressed to me by my school principal while I was bunking the class.

I'm obligated to ask this question of Some Comments on Mesh Generation and Imposition of Boundary Conditions topic in section Single Variable Problems of Finite Element Method

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The correct option is (a) True

For explanation I would say: For an inviscid flow around the cylinder in an open channel, the flow in the surroundings of the cylinder gets accelerated and away from cylinder (e.g., at the inlet) flow is uniform. Knowledge of qualitative behavior of the flow helps one to use a coarse mesh at far from the cylinder, and a fine one at closer distances. Another purpose of using a refined mesh near the cylinder is to exactly represent the curved boundary of the domain there.

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