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Power is transmitted by an electric motor to a machine by using a belt drive. The tensions on the tight and slack side of the belt are 2200 N and 1000 N respectively and diameter of the pulley is 600 mm. If speed of the motor is 1500 r.p.m, find the power transmitted.

(a) 46.548 kW

(b) 56.548 kW

(c) 66.548 kW

(d) 76.548 kW

This question was posed to me in a national level competition.

This question is from Wilson-Hartnell and Pickering Governor in section Governors of Machine Dynamics

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The correct choice is (b) 56.548 kW

To explain I would say: Power = Tω

                   = Frω = Fv

F = T1 – T2 = 2200 – 1000 = 1200N

v = пDN/60 = п x 600 x 1500/1000 x 60 = 47.12 m/s

P = 1200 x 47.12/1000 = 56.548 kW.

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