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Which option is not correct about iterative methods for solving system of linear equations?

(a) Convergence yields a good approximate solution

(b) Insensitive to the growth of round-off errors

(c) Gaussian elimination method is an example

(d) Starts with an initial approximation

The question was posed to me in examination.

My question is taken from Eigen Value and Time Dependent Problems topic in division Single Variable Problems of Finite Element Method

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Right option is (c) Gaussian elimination method is an example

The best explanation: The methods available for solving a system of linear equations can be divided into two types: direct and iterative. Iterative methods are those, which start with an initial approximation. When the process converges, we can expect to get a good approximate solution. The main advantages of iterative methods are the simplicity and uniformity of the operations to be performed, which make them well suited for use on computers and their relative insensitivity to growth of round-off errors.

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