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For the same crank length and uniform angular velocity of the crank in an offset slider crank mechanism, if the connecting rod length is increased by 1.5 times, the velocity of piston will

(a) remain unchanged

(b) increase 1.5 times

(c) decrease by 1.5 times

(d) increase by 1.5√2 times

I have been asked this question during an interview.

The origin of the question is Velocities in a Slider Crank Mechanism and Motion of a Link in portion Velocity in Mechanisms of Machine Kinematics

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Correct choice is (c) decrease by 1.5 times

To elaborate: V1 = ωr(sinϴ + sin2ϴ/2n)

V2 = ωr(sinϴ + sin2ϴ/3n)

from these two equation, V2 < V1

V2 will decrease but correct quantification can not be done with available data.

Among the available options, best answer is (c).

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