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Which of the following is not an after effect of accumulation of nitrogen and phosphorus in aquatic ecosystem?

(a) Adverse health conditions

(b) Algal blooms

(c) Increase in water quality

(d) Reduction in marine life

The question was posed to me in unit test.

This intriguing question originated from Biological Treatment of Waste Water in section Biological Treatment of Waste Water of Environmental Biotechnology

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Right choice is (c) Increase in water quality

For explanation I would say: Increase in water quality helps in maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem, whereas, Algal blooms causes the reduction in nutrient quality of the water which affects the biological life in water, aquatic organism consumed by humans may cause adverse health issues, nitrogen and phosphorus in aquatic ecosystem leads to eutrophication which leads to algal blooms and other adverse conditions and hence, reduction in marine life.

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