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Absorbing oxygen from the air and pollutants from the wastewater can be decomposed aerobic microorganisms by which of the following methods?

(a) High rate bio filters

(b) Conventional bio filters

(c) Percolating filter

(d) Rotating biological contractors

This question was posed to me in class test.

This key question is from Biological Treatment of Waste Water topic in chapter Biological Treatment of Waste Water of Environmental Biotechnology

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The correct answer is (d) Rotating biological contractors

The best explanation: Rotating biological contractors absorb oxygen from the air and pollutants from the wastewater when the spherical disc is in contact with the air and with the waste water respectively during its rotation which can be decomposed aerobic microorganisms, new microorganisms are fed and old microorganisms with declined level of activity is taken off, high rate bio filters usually constructed as tower models treating food waste which has considerable potential to rough high strength industrial effluents prior to sewage discharge whereas, Conventional bio filters are also called as Percolating filters in which the waste trickles and is oxidized and hence removed by biological degradation.

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