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In mathematical modeling of a process, which option is not a characteristic of a numerical solution method?

(a) It does not give exact information on the quantities of interest

(b) A set of assumptions are made about the process

(c) Applicable to simple problems only

(d) Finite element method is used

This question was addressed to me by my school principal while I was bunking the class.

My enquiry is from Modelling Considerations topic in section Interpolation Functions, Numerical Integration and Modelling Considerations of Finite Element Method

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The correct option is (c) Applicable to simple problems only

To elaborate: In the development of a mathematical model, we often make a set of assumptions about the process (e.g., constitutive behavior, loads, and boundary conditions) to derive the mathematical relationships governing the system. A numerical method, for example, the finite element method, gives an approximate solution to a given problem. Most practical problems are solved using the numerical solution method.

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