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In tyre size of 12-38’’, the number 38’’ represents _____

(a) Sectional diameter of rim on which tyre is to be mounted

(b) Ply rating

(c) Sectional diameter

(d) Strength of tyre

I have been asked this question by my school principal while I was bunking the class.

I want to ask this question from Tractor Tyre and Front Axle in portion Farm Tractor of Farm Machinery

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Right choice is (a) Sectional diameter of rim on which tyre is to be mounted

For explanation I would say: The tyre size is defined as Width of tyre upon Ratio of tyre, Type of tyre, Diameter of rim to be used.

This could be understood by an example, 215/60R15 where, 215 is the width of the tyre in millimetres. 60 is the tyre profile. Radial construction is denoted by R. Diameter of the wheel rim in inches is 15.

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