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Which of the following is a flower derived insecticide?

(a) Pyrethroid insecticide

(b) Acaricides

(c) Nematicides

(d) Fungicides

The question was posed to me in semester exam.

The query is from Types of Pesticides in section Biodegradation of Pesticides in the Environment of Environmental Biotechnology

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Correct option is (a) Pyrethroid insecticide

Easiest explanation: Pyrethroid insecticide is a type of insecticide which has naturally occurring pyrethrins and is derived from a flower named Pyrethrum cineraefolium. These are comparatively safer and they donot have anhy side effects due to its origin from flowers. Whereas, Acaricides is used to control the population of mites, Nematicides are generally used to kill and control the population of nematodes in various places like houses, buildings and agricultural lands and to control Fungus growth, fungicide is used to control the growth.

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