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Which of the following bacteria is not known to degrade Aldicarb insecticide?

(a) E. coli

(b) P. putida

(c) Bacillus sp.

(d) Mucor sp.

I had been asked this question during a job interview.

Enquiry is from Microorganisms and Pesticide Waste Treatment topic in division Biodegradation of Pesticides in the Environment of Environmental Biotechnology

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The correct option is (d) Mucor sp.

Explanation: Mucor sp. is a particular type of fungi that can degrade Aldicarb insecticide, E. coli, P. putida, Bacillus sp. are bacteria that help in degradation Aldicarb insecticide. Biological methods are usually the best method to degrade xenobiotic compounds or any type of insecticide. The microorganisms used can degrade all the pollutants efficiently and don’t cause any harm to the environment.

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