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Some strains of ______ bacteria can produce hydrogen, methane, acetate etc. by ________ of carbohydrates during initial growth phase.

(a) obligate anaerobic; oxidation

(b) facultative aerobic; reduction

(c) obligate anaerobic; fermentation

(d) facultative anaerobic; oxidation

This question was posed to me by my college professor while I was bunking the class.

I want to ask this question from Microbial Extraction of Petroleum in portion Bioleaching and Biomining for Recovery of Resources of Environmental Biotechnology

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Right option is (c) obligate anaerobic; fermentation

Explanation: The obligate anaerobic bacteria such as clostridia is applied as gas and solvents. At the initial growth phase, the carbohydrates are fermented and hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, acetate, and butyrateare produced.

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