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In the diagram given below, determine the deflection of the ammeter with a full scale deflection of 1mA when the switch is at X2kΩ. Consider resistance of the offset voltage compensating network to be 10Ω.

(a) Full scale deflection in the ammeter

(b) Half scale deflection in the ammeter

(c) Quarter scale deflection in the ammeter

(d) No deflection occurs in the ammeter

I got this question in examination.

My question is taken from Voltage to Current Converter with Floating and Grounded Load in portion Operational Amplifier Applications of Linear Integrated Circuits

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The accurate choice is (b) Half scale deflection in the ammeter

In the realm of explanation: Given Vin=1v ,R1=10+2kΩ ≅2kΩ

Io = Vin/R1= 1v/2kΩ =0.5mA. This means that 2v causes half scale deflection of the ammeter.

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