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The chain drive transmits ____________ power as compared to belt drive.

(a) more

(b) less

(c) equal

(d) none of the mentioned

I have been asked this question in my homework.

My enquiry is from Advantages and Disadvantages of Chain Drive Over Belt or Rope Drive topic in section Belt, Rope and Chain Drives of Machine Kinematics

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Right answer is (a) more

Best explanation: Following are the advantages and disadvantages of chain drive over belt or rope drive:

1. As no slip takes place during chain drive, hence perfect velocity ratio is obtained.

2. Since the chains are made of metal, therefore they occupy less space in width than a belt or rope drive.

3. It may be used for both long as well as short distances.

4. It gives a high transmission efficiency (upto 98 percent).

5. It gives less load on the shafts.

6. It has the ability to transmit motion to several shafts by one chain only.

7. It transmits more power than belts.

8. It permits high speed ratio of 8 to 10 in one step.

9. It can be operated under adverse temperature and atmospheric conditions.

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