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Which of the following microbial leaching techniques depend on the working volume of less than ten cubic meter (<10m^3)?

(a) Laboratory Scale

(b) Pilot-Plant Scale

(c) Industrial Scale

(d) Commercial Scale

I got this question by my school principal while I was bunking the class.

This is a very interesting question from Microbes in Bioleaching Process in division Bioleaching and Biomining for Recovery of Resources of Environmental Biotechnology

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Correct answer is (b) Pilot-Plant Scale

Easy explanation: Microbial leaching techniques are divided into three main groups depending on their working volume- Laboratory Scale, Pilot-Plant Scale & Industrial Scale. Pilot plant scale is concerned with <10^3 while laboratory scale is concerned with upto 10dm^3 and industrial scale with >10m³. Commercial Scale is not a part of the three techniques.

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