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The two parallel and coplanar shafts are connected by gears having teeth parallel to the axis of the shaft. This arrangement is called

(a) spur gearing

(b) helical gearing

(c) bevel gearing

(d) spiral gearing

The question was posed to me in an interview for job.

The above asked question is from Toothed Gearing topic in section Toothed Gearing & Gear Trains of Machine Kinematics

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The correct option is (a) spur gearing

The explanation: The two parallel and co-planar shafts connected by the gears. These gears are called spur gears and the arrangement is known as spur gearing. These gears have teeth parallel to the axis of the wheel as shown in Fig. 12.1. Another name given to the spur gearing is helical gearing, in which the teeth are inclined to the axis.

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