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What is the formula for limiting height of a gravity dam?

(a) Hmax = f / (Sc + 1) γw

(b) Hmax = f / (Sc – 1) γw

(c) Hmax = f / (Sc + C) γw

(d) Hmax = f / (Sc – 1) γw

I got this question in my homework.

My query is from Gravity Method in chapter Gravity Dam Design and Construction of Irrigation Engineering

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The correct option is (a) Hmax = f / (Sc + 1) γw

The explanation: The critical height or limiting height of a dam having elementary profile is –

Hmax = f / (Sc + 1) γw where f = allowable stress of the dam material, Sc = Specific gravity of concrete and γw = unit weight of water.

This limiting height draws a dividing line between a low gravity dam and a high gravity dam.

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