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If φ is the angle of action of cam on the circular flank, and r1 is the base circle of the cam, then the minimum acceleration of the follower is given by the equation.

(a) ω^2(R-r1)

(b) ω^2(R+r1)sin φ

(c) ω^2(R-r1)cos φ

(d) ω^2(R+r1)cos φ

This question was addressed to me in unit test.

Asked question is from Circular Arc Cam with Flatfaced Follower topic in portion Cams of Machine Dynamics

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The correct answer is (c) ω^2(R-r1)cos φ

The explanation: The minimum acceleration of the follower is dependent of the following factors:

base circle radius, rotation speed of the cam, cosine of angle of action of cam on the circular flank and radius of circular flank.

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