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Which of the following methods cannot be used for removing heavy metals from waste water?

(a) Activated carbon adsorption

(b) Denitrification

(c) Chemical precipitation

(d) Ion exchange

I have been asked this question in an internship interview.

This key question is from Biological Removal, Biotransformation and Biosorption of Metal Ions from Contaminated Wastewater topic in section Bacterial Metabolism in Wastewater Treatment Systems of Environmental Biotechnology

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Correct choice is (b) Denitrification

Easy explanation: Activated carbon adsorption, Chemical precipitation, Ion exchange, coagulation, complexation, solvent extraction, foam flotation, electro-deposition, these methods are used for removal of heavy metals from waste water, Denitrification is a step for removal of nitrogen by formation of nitrogen gas from the waste water.

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