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In Classical Plate Theory, how many triangles assemble to give a conforming triangular element with DOF w, \(\frac{dw}{dy}\) and \(\frac{dw}{dy}\) at each vertex?

(a) 1

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 12

This question was addressed to me in an interview for internship.

I need to ask this question from Classical Plate Model in portion Bending of Elastic Plates of Finite Element Method

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Correct option is (b) 3

To explain: A non-conforming element is the one that violates any of the continuity conditions. The three-node triangular element is non-conforming and found to have convergence problems and singular behavior for certain meshes. A conforming triangular element (due to Clough and Tocher) is an assemblage of three triangles. The interpolation functions for the triangular element can be expressed in terms of the area coordinates. A confirming rectangular element is formed as an assembly of twelve triangular elements.

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