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A xenohormone that when injected to an organism can imitate the function of natural endogenic estrogen produced by the body of an organism is called as ___________

(a) Gypsum

(b) Citric acid

(c) Xenoestrogen

(d) Oxalic acid

I got this question during an online interview.

This interesting question is from Toxicants Bioaccumulation topic in chapter Bioaccumulation of Toxicants of Environmental Biotechnology

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The correct answer is (c) Xenoestrogen

The explanation is: Xenoestrogen is a hormone that have similar functions to natural endogenic estrogen produced by the body of an organism but are chemically different and synthetically administered, Gypsum is the by product of the certain acids like Citric acid,  Oxalic acid which are released from manufacturing industries, whereas, the byproduct I.e. gypsum is used fro sodic soil reclamation.

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