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Which of the following quantity represent the gear ratio “G” for a 2 wheeler vehicle? (w: wheels, e: engine, R: radius of track, rw: radius of wheels & I: moment of inertia)

(a) ωw / ωe

(b) ωe / ωw

(c) rw/ R

(d) Ie/ Iw

I got this question in a national level competition.

Enquiry is from Stability of a Two Wheel Vehicle Taking a Turn topic in portion Gyroscopic Couple and Precessional Motion of Machine Dynamics

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Correct option is (b) ωe / ωw

Easy explanation: Gear ratio is defined as the ratio of the angular speed of the initial or driving member of a gear train or equivalent mechanism to that of the final or driven member specifically: the number of engine revolutions per revolution of the rear wheels of an automobile.

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